PYRAN® Platinum Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics and precision fabrication services.


SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum is the
Clear Choice For Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics

Pyran Platinum floated glass-ceramic



Available in 3 types of Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics...

1) PYRAN® Platinum
2) PYRAN® Platinum-L (Laminated)
3) PYRAN® Platinum-F (Film)

Combine aesthetics and safety that provide high optical quality with
  outstanding clarity, smooth as mirrors, and without any trace of haze
  or amber tint.

• The world's only C2C-certified fire-rated glass-ceramics
  - Meets 'LEED Innovation in Design' requirements
  - Qualifies for Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program (EPP)

• The world's first and only floated glass-ceramics developed for the
  North American fire-rated glazing market.

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  PYRAN Platinum,
  Platinum-L & Platinum-F

Pyran Platinum floated glass-ceramic Technical Specifications
  PYRAN Platinum,
  Platinum-L & Platinum-F
  Technical Specifications






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