Insulating Glass

Multi-functional Glazing to Meet Any Code Requirement

Wolverine Glass produces insulating glass units to meet your unique design specifications for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Utilizing a variety of glass types, configurations, and spacers, insulated glass units are the ideal glazing solution to achieve stunning aesthetics combined with energy-efficiency, thermal insulation, sound control and safety.

Designed to save energy and create greater indoor comfort by reducing heat gain or loss, insulating glass units are made using two or more lites of glass, enclosing a hermetically sealed airspace. Various desiccant-filled spacer types can be utilized in insulated glass panels to separate the glass and to keep the air space free of visible moisture.


  • Double and triple-glazed units
  • Overall thicknesses available: 3/8″ (10 mm) up to 1-1/4″ (31.74 mm)
  • A broad range of glass types available
  • Solar control and passive solar low-e coatings
  • Beveled, laser etched, and sandblasted designs
  • Spacers available in aluminum and black
  • Standard aluminum “box” spacer
  • Premium Super Spacer® warm-edge technology
  • Commercial stainless steel warm edge spacers
  • Dual sealed commercial units (PIB + Silicone)
  • Custom shapes
  • Small sized units for True Divided Lite windows
  • Muntin bar options available
  • Glass can be heat-strengthened, tempered, or laminated
  • Argon gas-filled units available
  • Max. size for 1″ overall units: 84″x 144″
  • Maximum sizes will vary based on overall thickness and glass configuration


Commercial building facades

Curtain walls


Overhead glazing

Refrigeration panels



Residential windows

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