Glass Railings

Safe and Stunning Open Spaces

Glass railings are ideal solutions for both commercial and residential applications and create an open, welcoming feel with which traditional railings cannot compete. Designed and certified for safety, glass for railing systems is tempered and/or laminated to provide structural rigidity as well as prevent cracks or damage. Likewise, glass contributes to the system’s ease of maintenance; where wood railings will crack, fade, or respond to extreme temperatures, glass railings are durable and easy-to-clean solid surfaces that offer a luxurious, long-lasting aesthetic. The result is a modern, low-maintenance design that allows for increased daylighting and unobstructed views in interior and exterior applications.


  • Tempered or laminated to meet safety glazing requirements
  • Designed to withstand all possible environmental factors
  • Customizable for any space
  • Ideal for interior or exterior applications
  • Wide array of hardware styles, railings and finishes
  • Dry-glaze railing systems available for use with laminated tempered glass with SentryGlas® interlayer
  • BriteGuard® Pro glass surface protection can be added to both surfaces for lasting quality








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