A Practical and Aesthetic Complement for Building Facades

Spandrel glass is an opaque-coated glass solution used in non-vision areas to conceal spaces and construction-related components of a building. Often found in curtain walls and structurally glazed applications, spandrel glass can provide balancing or divergent colors as it relates to the vision glass to fully realize the building envelope design. From building facades and spandrel insulating glass units to interior wall cladding and shower walls, our temperable ceramic frit painted glass makes designing for interior and exterior applications possible.


  • Standard colors stocked for fast turnaround
  • Smooth, uniform, and glossy aesthetic
  • Can be used for interior or exterior applications
  • Durable ceramic frit for UV- and moisture-resistance
  • Withstands thermal shock with high resistance to impact and scratches
  • Temperable coating with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Use heat-strengthened or tempered
  • Can be used monolithically or insulated


Building facades (non-vision areas)

Wall cladding

Available Colors

Other colors available upon request. Minimums may apply to non-stocked colors.

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