Back-Painted Glass

Create Focal Points Using Color and Graphics

Transform conventional surfaces and materials into works of art. Back-painted glass utilizes environmentally friendly paint and advanced technology to create an opaque glazing solution ideal for numerous commercial and residential design applications. Available in a wide range of colors, back-painted glass is a durable, solid surface material that is easy-to-clean and disinfect, making it an ideal solution for high-traffic, high-touch spaces.

When it comes to designing for health and wellness, back-painted glass is the ultimate replacement for tile and other wall covering solutions. Textured surfaces and grout lines tend to collect and breed bacteria—this is a concern that back-painted glass can safely eliminate.


  • A range of 20 style-setting colors
  • Standard thickness 1/4″ (6 mm)
  • Maximum size: 88-37/64″ x 126-3/8″
  • Factory-applied coating for uniform finish
  • Smooth, consistent, glossy appearance
  • Highly durable, UV and moisture-resistant for lasting results
  • Graphics can be added using laser etching or sandblasting
  • Can be fabricated with holes, cut-outs and notches
  • Easy to maintain solid surface material
  • Environmentally friendly paint emitting very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)




Glass marker boards


Kitchen backsplashes



Wall cladding

Stock Colors – Tempered

Stock Colors – Annealed

Mininums may apply to non-stocked colors.