Wolverine Glass is proud to share links to some of our trusted associates...

 Krystal Interiors





ACG Krystal Interiors is a great source for interior and exterior grade, architectural glass products in an exciting range of dramatic colors and textures.   evo-lite is our supplier of choice for the LED back-light panels that work so well with our re•neu™ glass product line.  They provide a soft, evenly distributed lighting effect.   NSG Pilkington Optiwhite is the best selling low-iron, crystal clear, float glass.  And they are the top choice of Architects and Interior Designers.





Spectrum Glass Company

Wolverine Glass is proud to use the Welch Title & Marble as our "installer-of-choice" for re•neu™ glass.  Welch's decades of marble and granite experience make them the "natural" selection.
      Spectrum "Eco Seedy Glass" is a beautiful, economical and pratical choice when matching tempered glass architectural elemente, such as door glass and balcony railings to cabinet door glass.